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  • "Thanks for the AFL ball my son is 15 and plays at a very high level of footy Div1 the ball is great meets all expectations,I only hope it lasts , it is a great all round training tool it can be used just for fun or step it up and he gets a great training season with out any one to help him fantastic.thanks Muir family."


  • "When I don’t have a lot of time before a round I can setup in a couple of minutes and get a quick warm up. I love to practice golf in my backyard. I do lots of chipping and short pitches which is great. So being able to use the Rope It with my mid irons adds a new element to my backyard practice."

    -Sean Crogie - Ottawa Golf Blog

  • "With the budget golfer in mind, the guys at Rope It developed a practice aid that gives you the ability to take a full swing and strike a real golf ball without forking over the $10 bill for a large bucket."

    -The Budget Golfer

  • "The Rope It is definitely a better option than the foam or plastic whiffle balls in my opinion, to me hitting those types of golf balls really doesn’t tell you much in regards to how you struck the ball. The Rope It, while it doesn’t indicate the full details of the shot does give you the feedback you need in regards to the contact you made with the ball, more often than not that is exactly the type of feedback golfers need most."

    -Jason Kruze - The Hackers Paradise

  • "The Rope It offers the most realistic full swing shot you can achieve in your own backyard. Hitting nets are expensive and annoying, while practice balls don’t feel real. You could even argue that The Rope It offers a better experience than a hitting net because of the visual response of the balls flight. As a golfer using The Rope It you can tell if you push or pull your shot, skull or hit it fat, and there is even some feedback on slices and hooks."

    -Greg Sampson - New England Golf Monthly


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